about ME

Hi y'all! Let me introduce myself.
My journey on this health and wellness path began when I chose to become a vegetarian over a decade ago. It developed when I opened up the book, Food Revolution by John Robbins. The research studies in that book taught me about where my food was coming from and what effect it had on my body. It launched my lifestyle change and inspired me to go back to school to study nutrition and complete any programs I could find to learn more about the human body and our food system. I loved all the evidence-based information. Learning how to cook whole, plant-based foods (and not just order salads when I went out to eat) was fascinating to me. The nutritional benefits of what we consume became my focus. Learning about the effects the meat industry had on our environment and my body, I moved to a vegan lifestyle. I needed to share this information. Inspired and motivated, the next inevitable step was fitness education. During that time I conquered many Spartan Sprint races, a BattleFrog Series, and other challenges. I was having a blast and felt like a better healthier version of myself. 

I continue to cultivate a healthy relationship between whole, plant-based nutrition, and fitness set for each client.

I will guide you and help hold you accountable to a life of nutritious foods, energizing fitness routines and peaceful, driven mindset. I am here to help nurture people into living a healthy, happy life with food, fitness, and focus.

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